Book #32: Uncle Vanya

Title: Uncle Vanya
Author: Anton Checkhov
Publication Date: First published 1897
Page Count: 82
Genre: Drama
Why: I am on a play binge.
1) “Your convictions by themselves are nothing. Like, like, paint in the palette. It’s you should have been working, you, who should have been using them. Doing real work.”
2) “Where could we look to find a simple, unencumbered and spontaneous relation to our fellows, and the world? Where? No where. No where on this earth. I assure you.”
New words/phrases: Samovar, picayune, je ne sais quoi, torpor
Friend(s) who would enjoy this book: Jessica, Kate– you would absolutely love this play!, Tyra (maybe?) Continue reading “Book #32: Uncle Vanya”

Book #31: Twelfth Night or What You Will


Title: Twelfth Night
Author: William Shakespeare
Publication Date (First Published): 1601
Publisher: Signet Classics
Page Count: 220
Genre: Comedy (play)
Quotes: All in the review!
Friend(s) who would enjoy this book: Tyra, Claire, Alisha, Katie, Rohini, Mom Continue reading “Book #31: Twelfth Night or What You Will”

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