My Review Policy

*I am no longer accepting review requests*

Review Policy

General Information

I am currently accepting  Adult, Young Adult, and Middle Grade books for review. You can send emails to

I accept print ARCs and eARCs. If the book is a part of a series, then I might need the previous books. I will accept self-published and indie published books.


I accept Adult, YA, and MG fiction in the following genres:

  • Science Fiction/ Fantasy
  • Historical fiction and historical non-fiction
  • Fairy tale/myth retellings
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Gothic horror/romance
  • Memoirs/modern biographies


I will take a maximum of 1-2 weeks to review a book, depending on my current schedule. All books read will get a review, even if I was not able to finish the book for a particular reason.

*Edit: I might take 3-4 weeks to complete a review due to the number of review requests I’ve been getting*

I write fair and honest reviews, but this does not mean I will always write positive reviews. However, I will always explain why a review got the rating it got.

All reviews will include the following:

  • Cover art
  • Book stats: Title, author, publisher, page count, release date, series status
  • One quote from the book that I feel is meaningful or beautiful
  • My review: What I liked and didn’t
  • Rating (see here for my rating system)

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